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Friday, April 12, 2024
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The best monitor on the market has a €700 discount, are you going to miss it?

High-end peripherals usually have a big problem, the fact that buying them can cost us having to pawn a kidney, and probably some other organ, but thanks to certain offers we can get them with extremely large discounts. In this case, the best monitor of corsair It has a discount that allows us to reduce its cost by no less than €700, a change in price that can make the difference between buying it or not.

He better monitor of corsair It offers a series of features that make anyone want it, being also one of the most expensive, it has no rival when it comes to offering exceptional quality along with a large number of functionalities that will increase our immersion when using it.

What makes this monitor the best

It is clear that at first we can think that any monitor It does the trick and that’s it, but generally if we want to play with the highest quality possible it would make no sense to spend a large amount of money on a computer if the screen is not capable of living up to the graphic quality we want. That is why in the end this monitor It is intended for those people who want to experience the greatest luxury when playing games, watching series or movies, since not only the fact that it has a state-of-the-art resolution matters, but the size that the screen is capable of offering also matters. screen.

If we add to all this the additional functionalities it has such as the fact that it is a monitor flexible, means that the immersion is even greater, since thanks to this we can convert this screen into a curved or flat one depending on what we need. Furthermore, as much as it may seem like a complicated contraption to use, corsair has dedicated a large part of the development to offer a fairly high simplicity with respect to its use, since the most complicated thing we can find when using this peripheral is getting the money to buy it.

Best cheap Corsair monitor

Its specifications live up to the price

At first, we can see that one of the things that most differentiates this monitor of the others is the fact of being able to establish a curvature on the screen, something that is normally, as we can understand, not possible with other monitors, since they generally break when folded as we can imagine. In the end, being able to change the shape of the screen is something quite new, but it is really not the only thing that makes this screen one of the best on the market.

This 45-inch monstrosity has a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 21:9 as well as incorporating OLED technology for an extremely high level of realism. To all this we must add the various additional technologies it has, such as HDR, NVIDIA G-Sync, which if we add it to the 240 Hz refresh rate it has, will allow us to enjoy our games with exceptional levels of display and performance. .

Normally we could acquire this monitor for €2,400, but thanks to the 29% discount that we can find on Amazon, we can get it for €700 less, that is, for a total of €1,700.

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Mark Tyson
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