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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The best mouse you can buy for each type of game

These five key factors are what we are going to base on when recommending each of the mice depending on the type of game you play, but before that, we are going to explain in detail what each of these characteristics influences.

Image of a Razer gaming mouse

Number of buttons

When talking about how many buttons a mouse, it is normal for us to think that just five is enough, but in many cases for convenience, it is better to use those that have a greater number of these. But in the end this depends a lot on the person, although it is true that a greater number of buttons usually offers superior customization, especially if they are reprogrammable, allowing us to incorporate various functions to manage directly from our mousewithout having to use the keyboard at all.


It is very common to think that weight does not really have much influence, since in the end it is a quality that most people do not take into account, but when it comes to changing from a heavier device to an ultralight one, we can notice the difference. In fact, it is such an important feature (especially in the competitive arena) that many peripheral brands began to include a way to modify it using a weight system.


The issue of precision that a mouse It is always quite controversial, since in many cases it is excessive, just like on keyboards, at the slightest touch we can activate the button, causing in certain cases we make the so-called “miss-click.” It should be noted that precisely we are not referring only to the sensitivity of the buttons, but also to the optical sensor, although generally this is more related to the DPIsince the very precision that the mice This style has been extremely high for a long time.


In terms of speed, we refer to the DPI (Dots Per Inch), the measurement that allows us to know how fast the cursor moves when making a physical movement, being one of the most important factors in some cases. In the end, the speed that the cursor is capable of reaching allows us to position itself from one corner to another in a matter of thousandths of a second with a minimal gesture, so if it is also configurable, we can establish the appropriate speed for each situation. .


In terms of connectivity we will always mention the same thing, whether it is wired or wireless, and although it may not seem like it, it represents a very important factor since it influences both the price and the useful life of the device. In the end, we must always take into account the situation in which we have the peripheral, since in general a wireless device should last longer due to the fact that there is no physical way for the connection between it and the computer to be broken. , although as we have said, it all depends on the use and the person.

Every type of game has a better mouse than the others

Once we have seen what we should take into account when buying a mouseit is time to enter the field of video games to find out what mouse It is best for each of the genres that we can find on the market. It should be noted that this is a list created by us, so the opinion may vary depending on the person, but we have searched for those mice that you can find from the most famous brands that offer exceptional quality.

Logitech mouse

The best mouse for an FPS game

When we talk about a peripheral made for a shooter, we must know that the most important thing in these games is the precision and speed that our device can offer us. That is why we must find a mouse have a DPI programmable that accepts very low and very high speeds, and that also has several additional features, such as the anti-double-click technology that some incorporate. miceto ensure that the shot goes where we want and that it does not cause problems when it comes to maintaining the recoil of the weapon.

In this case, the Logitech G PRO It is perfect for those looking for the greatest possible precision, thanks to its ultra-lightweight design. 80 grams and its extremely precise sensor, offers extremely high quality, perfect for professionals. Supports programming DPIreaching a maximum of 25,600making it not necessary to perform a flick too wide to aim at our objectives, (although it is generally better to use less DPI).

Control all your skills in MMOs

One of the most important factors in MMO Classic style is the fact of the large number of skills that a character uses, and we refer to classics as those games that have a combat system based on skill rotations without a combo system. In these cases it is very important to have a mouse that offers us a large amount of programmable buttonsnot only to control the rotations perfectly, but also for the use of macros and voice communication programs, allowing us to silence ourselves in a simple way if we need it.

For this we can resort to the model Aerox 9 wireless that offers us SteelSeriesa mouse with a total of 18 programmable buttons that will allow us to assign the functions we want both inside and outside the game. It is not only a mouse with many buttons, but it is a peripheral created for long gaming sessions, since it offers a battery with up to 180 hours duration, also having a endurance in front of water and the dust IP54.

Even if you are not a Faker, this mouse is perfect for MOBAs

When choosing a peripheral, there is nothing better than seeing which ones are used by competitive video game professionals, since in the end, if they use it it is for something, not just because of its design. That is why the next one that we are going to recommend is the one that the “Demon King” has been using for years, the best player of League of Legends of history, Faker.

The peripheral that the several-time world champion currently uses is from the brand Razeralthough there is an edition with his name, since currently the Korean player has decided to use one of the brand Logitech. He mouse that you have decided to use Fakeroffers a high response capacity with an extremely low weight, being also a wireless version with an extremely ergonomic design.

Music games require very high precision

In rhythm games, it is normal to think that a mousesince many incorporate a specific peripheral that we can use to play, but we are not referring to titles like Guitar Heroif not rather to others like Osu! Being one of the most famous games among people who like this type of video games, it is difficult to decide on a mouse for this game, since generally if we want to play like a professional, we should use a digitizing tablet.

But still there is a mouse which is perfect for this game, and that is Logitech G502 Hero is perfect, since in addition to having a very high precision, it offers a button that allows you to momentarily reduce the DPI to nail all those sliders. Furthermore, thanks to the configuration of this company’s application, we will be able to program the buttons to use them as we want. And this is not all, since it includes a weight system that will allow us to adjust the weight of our peripheral to find the right balance.

There is also a better mouse for an Action-RPG game

The Action-RPG They are games that are generally extremely fast, and as in the MOBA, they usually require a series of additional buttons to use our character’s abilities. When playing, it depends a lot on the title, since a game is not the same. Devil that for example the Dragon’s Dogmaso it is best to find a mouse That works for all games of this genre.

To do this, the best thing we can choose is a peripheral that has some 10 programmable buttons, which offers a wide programmable speed and also has an ergonomic design for use during long gaming sessions. And all this is offered to us andl Corsair NIGHTSWORDa mouse which also includes a weight system that allows us to adjust its weight between the 119 grams and the 141 grams.

In an RTS, what is better?

For a real-time strategy game it is not necessary that we choose a peripheral with extremely high performance, since generally there is not much difference considering that they do not depend on technical skill but rather on knowledge about the game and the strategies. That is why we can opt for a mouse with an extremely ergonomic design and at the same time, it is very cheap.

In this way, one of the ones that we can use is the Newskill Atreo, since for only €30 we will have an ergonomic design with average performance and extremely high lightness. This mouse offers extremely high quality for the price, being perfect for those people who want a mouse decent that doesn’t cost too much.

For a sports game, which mouse is better?

It is difficult to decide in a sports game for a mouse, since they are generally designed to better support a controller or the keys of our keyboard, but even so, we can opt for a high-performance peripheral to make up for this. In the end, the most important thing we need in a game of this style is the response time it offers us, since it is necessary that with each click we transmit the order that we want our player to do.

For this we can choose the Corsair M55 Proa mouse which stands out for being very precise as well as cheap, but also offers the ability to be used with the left or right hand, being a ambidextrous peripheral. Offers an extremely durable design, capable of supporting up to 50 million clicks and is also compatible with PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox platforms.

And the best mouse for a fighting game is…

Generally, in a fighting game it is not advisable to use a mouse, since in the end they are not designed for this, the movements to make the combos are much more complicated, so we always resort to using a keyboard or a controller. But still, there are mice that allow simulating the use of a joystick, although recognized peripheral brands have not yet entered this type of market, but the brand Zeerker offers us its version, which is also extremely ergonomic.

This mouse vertical with joystick is perfect for those people who do not want to use a controller or keyboard, also offering eleven programmable buttons, a DPI Maximum of 10000, and very high precision considering its price. We can currently find this item for €35.




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