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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The best silent heatsinks you can buy

When buying a heatsink it is normal that we have problems when deciding, since in terms of esthetic, functionality and noise There are many that are extremely different, and in many cases they only meet some of these factors. That is why today we are going to present you the best heatsinks silent that we have found, so that you do not have any problem when deciding between the three characteristics that we have mentioned.

Many people may see the noise generated by computer fans as annoying, since the air flow can cause extremely loud noise if the fans are very powerful and are not guaranteed to operate with low noise. For this reason, many people seek to turn to those components that, while good at fulfilling their main function, are also good at avoiding the noise that the fans of this component can cause.

Image of an Arctic AIO

What should I look for in a heatsink

When buying a component for our computer we must take into account its function, obviously if we want an extremely powerful heatsink we are going to have to invest a lot of money. If, on the other hand, we are looking for one that is not too powerful but costs less money, then we will surely have to check if it will work correctly with our processor, preventing it from overheating.

Generally, when purchasing a component of this type, the prices are always between 50-120€with the highest price being those that can offer us the best quality with the greatest possible silence.

Image of DeepCool's ASSASSIN IV

The best silent heatsinks

So that you can choose the component that seems best to you, we are going to show you a series of heatsinks ordered according to budget, from lowest to highest, so that you will be able to know the characteristics that each one has as well as its price in a simple way.

The most economical solution

If we are looking to spend between 50-60€so he DeepCool AK400 It becomes one of the best options that we can currently find on the market. It is a high-speed fan heatsink, but it is also silent, which will allow us to lower the temperature of our CPU in the most economical way possible. It also incorporates 4 heatpipes and a digital screen that will indicate the temperature at which our processor is at all times.

AIO liquid cooling

If we want simple, liquid cooling that we can incorporate into practically any computer, and that also offers us power while being silent, then the Corsair H60x It is the choice. It is a model of Corsair which includes a fan that allows a very powerful air flow, without letting noise take over our computer. This model can currently be found for €85.

AIO liquid cooling (larger)

If we need a type of AIO cooling that includes more fans, then we can opt for the one offered by arcticbeing only €10 more expensive than Corsair mentioned above. It offers a great dissipation capacity thanks to the fact that the pump has a speed of between 800–2800 rpm, as well as the fans are capable of reaching 2500 rpm. This model is sold by €96.

Attractive, quiet and powerful

In terms of design, it is clear that the DeepCool ASSASSIN IV It takes the cake, being perfect for those people looking for an extremely quiet, powerful heatsink that is also visually attractive. The silent mode it offers allows the fans to not exceed 22.6 dB(A), but also offers extremely high dissipation thanks to its seven heatpipes and its double tower design. The price for which we can buy this heatsink is €105.

The best

And if we are already looking for the best we can find, then we have to go for the brand that implies with its name, that all its heatsinks are extremely silent, being the model be quiet! Dark Rock Elite, the best we can currently find. It offers a double tower design, which thanks to the large number of heatpipes it has, allows the temperature of the most demanding processor to be dissipated, but also the front fan can be adjusted in case the RAM of our motherboard has a high profile to be able to incorporate it. Being the most expensive of those we have mentioned, it can be purchased for €120.




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