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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The electric car brand from Mercedes and Tesla’s biggest rivals has officially arrived in Europe. Here is Denza.

If news from the Geneva Motor Show focused almost entirely on the Renault 5 E-Tech, the Chinese manufacturer also made the trip. Among them is BYD, which includes two luxury electric vehicles, the Denza D9 and N7, co-designed with Mercedes-Benz. Here we present two models that will be launched in Europe at the end of 2024.

Denza N7 // Source: Marie Lizak from Frandroid

Since the opening of the Geneva Motor Show, the only word on everyone’s lips has been Renault 5 E-Tech. That doesn’t mean the compact electric Renault is the only attraction at the show. Because Chinese manufacturers can also offer us something new.

For example, MG is introducing two new models (MG 9 and MG S9) and a luxury brand called IM. At the booth on the other side, BYD, Tesla’s biggest competitor, is also launching its premium brand, Denza. Two models have made the trip and will soon arrive in European dealerships: the D9 minivan and the N7 SUV.

Denza D9: a minivan for VIPs

For reference, Denza is BYD’s ‘premium’ brand co-founded with Mercedes-Benz. Who said that Chinese premium brands necessarily mean minivans, a body that is very popular in China? (Take a look at the Li Auto Mega, Volvo EM90 or Zeekr 009, etc.)

Therefore, we have the right to: very impressive car (5.25 m long, 1.96 m wide, 1.92 m high) Available as a 100% electric version or plug-in hybrid. We’ll focus on the electric version, which is supplied by its BYD subsidiary with its own ‘blade’ LFP batteries.

It has enormous capacity. 103kWh, which translates to a range of 600 km. This is already a very low figure considering the size of the pack, but it is important to note that this figure is reached through the Chinese CLTC approval cycle, which is much more optimistic than the European WLTP cycle. So you will have to do the calculations. 520km In WLTP.

manager ? Weight after Denza D9 It weighs between 2,690 and 2,785 kg.. Actually two motors, one for each axle, making this van all-wheel drive. 275 kW (373 horsepower) There aren’t too many.

Recharging is amazing as this D9 can only absorb the maximum charging power, i.e. 166 kW. two terminals simultaneously ! If there is only one outlet available, the charge is reduced by half, or 83 kW, which is very small for a battery of this size.

Well, let’s console ourselves with this ultra-luxurious interior decorated with leather and screens. Departure of Denza D9 7 passengersThe first two rows have individual seats. Heating, massage and ventilation. front center screen 15.6 inches The combination of a 10.25-inch digital terminal and head-up vision allows you to see all information right in front of your eyes.

Denza N7: XXL electric SUV

The Denza N7, a coupe-like SUV closer to European tastes, is more likely to have a good scoring chance here. Here again the dimensions are excellent – 5.25m long and 1.96m wide. It far exceeds the dimensions of a Tesla Model X, for example.

Here again, the interior presentation is clean, with three screens on the dashboard, including one dedicated to the passengers. What’s interesting is that the sound system comes from French brand Devialet!

There is no choice when it comes to engines, as only a 100% electric version with 390 kW/530 hp is available this time. Performance goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Comfort is also not forgotten, with the next-generation air suspension installed as standard.

The N7’s battery is less unbalanced than the D9’s battery. Because it “simplifies” 91.3 kWh (an already huge amount) and still uses internal blade technology. Recharging follows the same pattern but is faster. Calculate 150 kW if N7 is connected to one terminal and 230 kW if connected to the second terminal. In the latter case, 30-80% are presented within 20 minutes, and that is correct.

Denza N7 // Source: Marie Lizak from Frandroid

Interesting point: BYD communicates a range of 570 km on a single charge, but according to NEDC standards, the outdated standard has been replaced by WLTP (much more optimistic). We envision a “real-world” autonomy of around 530 km, but this will have to be verified when it hits the market.

Arrival late 2024

That’s right. These two models do not exist to construct numbers. BYD is confident that its two Denzas will be sold in Europe. “End of 2024”.

Two unknowns remain. First, the price. As we saw earlier, the D9 and N7 offer larger batteries and more advanced equipment, which inevitably increases their prices. On the other hand, the market selected by BYD remains a secret.

For example, we know that Nordic countries are often preferred over France (see examples from Polestar or Zeekr). But it’s unclear whether BYD, which sells its “own” electric cars in France, will be tempted to distribute them. There it is, Denza. A final answer will be provided within a few months.


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