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The game of the year 2024? The successor to Clash Royal is coming soon to iPhone!

After the phenomenal successes of Clash Of Clan and Clash Royal, or even Brawl Stars, the Supercell studio is preparing to release Squad Busters. It’s now been more than half a decade since Supercelle studio released a new game, but the long wait could be worth it.

Enjoy characters from Clash of Clans, Brawl Star, Clash Royal etc…

Squad Buster offers 4-minute games, which are played with 10 players. To win the fights, you will have to build the most efficient squads possible.

Each game is unique, fun and unpredictable! Expand your squad, loot bosses, kill your friends, and collect and avoid characters from the Supercell games Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

In Squad Busters, you can merge more than 25 characters with each other, to obtain unique attack or defense characteristics, which make each game interesting.

Run! Attack! Send a HUGE bomb! Make the right choices quickly by selecting the attackers, sprinters and money grabbers in your squad. Collect 3 identical characters to MERGE them into a giant unit! Play it safe by collecting resources, or take risks by stealing those of other players. There is more than one path to victory!

A game made to avoid stress?

The games offered by Supercell are all competitive, and the gameplay offered can sometimes be stressful. Particularly because of the difficulty of the game, which requires a significant investment of mental energy.

By observing the ranking of the different Supercell games in the App Store, we notice that the Studio excels in all of its editions. Most of them have been at the top of the App Store charts since their release, but that’s no coincidence. You should know that the studio Supercell has a habit of abandoning its projects along the way, if they do not live up to his expectations. This time however, Supercell is confident, and Squad Busters could well be the game of the year 2024.

Supercell CEO Ikka Paananen told PocketTactics:

it’s already evident that the game has so much potential, making this our first corporate game launch since Brawl Stars in 2018. Squad Busters brings our Supercell characters together in a fun way fans have never seen before and I can’t wait to see the reactions of players around the world!

There ” funny way fans have never seen before», which the CEO speaks about, is a new form of Gameplay, less stressful, more accessible. Pockettacticts reports on this:

Squad Buster Marketing Manager Rob Lowe said the game is specifically designed to offer an alternative to the stress and competition of Battle Royale games, providing a casual competitive environment accessible to a range of skill levels.

Release date

SuqadBusters is currently available in select areas around the globe, but for the official release, you will have to wait until May 29, 2024. The game also counts already more than 5 million pre-registrations!

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