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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
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The most attractive game token airdrops are coming

As airdrop season is in full swing, a slew of apps, protocols, and projects have taken advantage of potential signs of a bear market to launch tokens, potentially rewarding millions of crypto users. in this process.

So, what is an airdrop? When it comes to cryptocurrency tokens, an airdrop is a way for a project to reward early users and contributors by allocating a portion of newly launched tokens, while also distributing tokens widely towards governance goals. decentralized governance.

In this article, let’s Bitcoin Magazine Take a look at some attractive token airdrops in the gaming field that are about to take place in the near future.

Hamster Kombat

Notcoin successfully attracted 35 million players before the airdrop in May and then the token price increased sharply in early June, as the token based on The Open Network flourished. Now, there is a new game on Telegram that follows a similar model.

Similarly, Hamster Kombat revolves around tapping or clicking on the screen, but there’s more to do with the coins earned. That’s because you’re a hamster CEO running your own cryptocurrency exchange in the game, and each upgrade in marketing, licensing, and other business services will help players earn more. More “passive income” in games.

Now, the developers are preparing to launch the Hamster Kombat token on The Open Network, which means that the coins accumulated in the game have the ability to transfer tokens. The announcement was made at the end of May but the timeline of the token drop has not yet been revealed.

Immutable zkEVM

Ethereum gaming platform, Immutable, has launched “The Main Quest”, a reward campaign tied to the development of the recently launched layer-2 network, Immutable zkEVM.

Immutable said it will offer IMX token rewards worth at least $50 million to early adopters playing certain titles such as Guild of Guardians and MetalCore, both of which are scheduled to launch in the future. near, as well as users who trade Immutable NFTs and use the Immutable zkEVM decentralized exchange.

Saga Protocol

Saga is a new blockchain network designed mainly for the gaming sector, so users can earn a portion of the airdrop by playing games. Following “play-to-airdrop” campaigns on several active testnet titles as well as other networks, the SAGA airdrop has taken place and the token is now available with mainnet.

With the mainnet now live, Saga is ramping up the rewards with a series of new airdrops planned for SAGA stakers. The network is partnering with projects on Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche to provide stakers with token packs and NFTs from various games and applications. The first airdrop will award 10 million USD worth of SAGA to investors.


Illuvium is one of the most anticipated crypto gaming franchises, consisting of multiple interactive titles and the development team aims to drive adoption amid the open beta launch by launching a campaign. airdrop.

The team opened Illuvium through an open beta testnet at the end of May, providing airdrop points (bonus points) to players. In the near future, the open beta version will launch on the mainnet and continue to award airdrop points to participants.

In a previous press release, the development team said that the airdrop will have an overall value of 25 million USD or more.

Nifty Island

Launched in open beta in January, Nifty Island is a sandbox-style title that combines game modes from Animal Crossing, Roblox and Fortnite’s Creative, allowing users to customize their own island and interact with other players. . The game offers a play-to-airdrop campaign with many different ways to earn ISLAND tokens.

According to NotificationNifty Island will award points to users based on factors such as playing frequency, number of referred players, and other NFT assets the user owns in the connected wallet.

It’s unclear when the token drop will happen, but people are participating to get a spot in the upcoming ISLAND launch.

Crypto Unicorns

One of the major gaming brands of the crypto world, Crypto Unicorns, is currently migrating from Polygon to Xai, a layer-3 network powered by Arbitrum.

In the process, developer Laguna Games plans to launch a play-to-airdrop campaign with token rewards once the game returns at the end of June.


MetalCore, a shooting game built on Immutable zkEVM, is providing “marks” (or points) to closed beta players, which will translate into an upcoming airdrop allocation of MCG tokens.

Studio369 said that it is aiming for an open beta and token launch in May, although the team is clearly still building towards this milestone as of this early June update.

On top of that, MetalCore also announced a partnership with Mon Protocol which is operating the MON token tied to the Immutable zkEVM game, Pixelmon.

MetalCore will add special missions that will allow players to earn MON tokens, although it’s unclear when the game will go public.

Delabs Games

Delabs Games, publisher of Mario Kart-esque Rumble Racing Star and other upcoming titles, has launched Ladybug’s Journey Campaign, a campaign that provides points that will be converted into airdrops of GAME tokens.

Points are awarded when users play games and complete tasks associated with social media interactions and other actions.

Since mid-May, Delabs has been rolling out “Race for Riches” lasting until July 16, with a reward of 100,000 USDC along with GAME tokens offered to Rumble Racing Star players.

Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation, a fully on-chain strategy game built on an Arbitrum-based network, has launched a BOOTY points system tied to gameplay and social interaction.

Accumulated points can potentially be used to “determine rewards” and it looks like the project will launch an airdrop in the future.


BloodLoop, the Overwatch-style 5v5 hero shooter based on Avalanche, revealed its play-to-airdrop campaign on March 4.

Currently, it appears that the BLS token will be launched on June 10 and then the play-to-airdrop campaign will officially take place, allowing players to participate to win “millions” of BLS tokens.

“Millions of BLS have been set aside as rewards to be distributed to players based on their performance,” the official tweet from the project said.

AI Arena

AI Arena, the game that combines Super Smash Bros-style matches with intelligent artificial intelligence, completed its play-to-airdrop campaign in March with a reward of 40 million NRN tokens.

Another 40 million tokens will be allocated to in-game NRN prizes. The game challenges players to train AI warriors capable of fighting on their behalf automatically.

Following the conclusion of the latest play-to-airdrop, AI Arena developers are organizing data before launching the token drop. No timeline has been announced yet.

You can see coin prices here.

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