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Friday, June 7, 2024
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The most promising sectors in the Ethereum ecosystem to watch once the spot ETH ETF begins trading

In 9 short years, Ethereum has gone from pioneering on-chain smart contracts and programmable cryptocurrency to becoming the backbone of decentralized finance and blockchain infrastructure. The recent approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of an Ethereum ETF is just one step on this journey, albeit a significant milestone that has solidified Ethereum’s status as a viable asset class. Mature assets deserve serious investment consideration.

The article below will highlight the most promising sectors in the Ethereum ecosystem that angel investors should watch closely to take advantage of this economic momentum.

Layer 2 DeFi

Ethereum paved the way for the birth of on-chain decentralized markets, sowing the seeds that have blossomed into the DeFi globally with a market capitalization of $104.55 billion. DeFi is a complex “rabbit hole” filled with unique financial mechanisms unmatched in traditional finance. On the other hand, they rely on the security, speed, and decentralization provided by Ethereum’s smart contracts. Layer 2 networks like Base, Arbitrum, and zkSync have emerged to solve Ethereum’s scalability problem, reducing usage costs and increasing transaction speeds without compromising privacy or security. These improvements make Ethereum’s technology more accessible and perfect for DeFi activities.

In the DeFi space, projects such as borrowing and lending platforms, futures and perpetual contracts trading platforms, token seeding and launching platforms, and both centralized and decentralized exchanges are proof of brilliant success. Even at a time when ETH only attracted the attention of a small group of market participants, these technologies are embedded in countless business models demonstrating a real need for DeFi solutions at scale big. Some leading DeFi protocols have even risen to billion-dollar valuations, underscoring the strength of the sector.

As Ethereum transitions into a recognized commodity, DeFi’s potential for further growth becomes even more certain, making it a lucrative area for angel investors to deploy capital.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies of our time, comparable to the impact of blockchain technology. The world needs AI technologies that can be trusted and are not centrally controlled.

Blockchain creates secure, private, and decentralized frameworks for AI services, critical for preventing monopolization of scarce computing resources and providing broader access to learning networks. decentralized machine. By leveraging Ethereum’s blockchain for AI projects, developers have built AI services that remain secure and decentralized.

The intersection of AI and blockchain is an attractive playground for investment, as demand for decentralized and secure AI solutions continues to grow. AI projects built on Ethereum have achieved market capitalizations worth billions of dollars, showing discerning observers that it is a sector with explosive growth. The recent approval of an Ethereum ETF could be the spark that ignites the next phase of expansion that the sector is heading towards.

Decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN)

DePIN is one of the exciting blockchain-dependent sectors emerging thanks to the magic of smart contracts. In short, it merges physical infrastructure with digital networks of decentralized participants and facilitates global exchange of limited but in-demand resources such as sensors, data storage or connect wirelessly in exchange for cryptocurrency tokens.

DePIN provides decentralized governance, peer-to-peer infrastructure sharing, tokenization, and enhanced security and privacy for traditional and digital industries.

As demand for DePIN increases, so does the market for these resources, driving token price increases and market expansion. Ethereum supports smart contracts that run these DePINs, making it an important component of the ecosystem. With the recent decision to approve an Ethereum ETF, many angel investors will likely turn their attention to DePIN, realizing their potential for high returns and significant real-world impact.

Restaking ETH

Staking is a fundamental aspect of securing decentralized networks like Ethereum through economic game theory. Validators (running the nodes that power the blockchain) are required to stake ETH. If they follow the rules, they will receive a reward. If they try to cheat, they will lose their staked ETH. Currently, over $100 billion in ETH is being staked – showing how important this mechanism is to the running of blockchain networks.

Restaking takes this concept further by applying the same game theory to secure any protocol on the blockchain. This allows smaller participants to maintain high levels of security through mechanisms Proof-of-Stake which should have been unattainable. Restaking helps create a more resilient network for multiple protocols, making attacking any participant in a larger Proof-of-Stake pool costly to the point of unfeasible.

The liquidity staking service further simplifies the process for those who want to stake tokens without complicated validator management. These services issue liquid staking tokens, which accumulate yield, benefit from validator rewards, and can be traded or retaken to generate additional rewards. The growth of this sector highlights its importance as a security pillar for blockchain and has become an attractive sector for angel investors.


The decision to approve the Ethereum ETF has established Ethereum as a leading investment vehicle. The Ethereum ecosystem offers many exciting opportunities for angel investors, from layer 2 DeFi and AI integration to DePIN and staking.

It is important to research the above mentioned sectors and understand both their key stories and growth catalysts. This way, investors can deploy smart capital while contributing to the development of Ethereum.

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