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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The new iPad Pros are very flexible, much more than normal (video)

Apple presented new iPads last week during a keynote called “Let Loose”. The star of this evening was obviously the iPad Pro M4, the thinnest tablet ever produced by Apple; and equipped with a brand new chip promising levels of performance never before achieved for an iPad. On paper, this iPad Pro M4 should even be more powerful than some MacBook Pros.

But there’s another aspect of this new tablet, one that hasn’t really been addressed by Apple that seems to be catching the attention of early buyers. Indeed, this iPad Pro M4 would be particularly flexible. As with each new product from the Apple brand, a few days after its release, numerous tests are carried out on YouTube and certain videographers focus on the resistance of the devices.

This is particularly the case of JerryRigEverything. In his video, he tried to fold an iPad Pro Mé and an iPad Pro M4 to see the difference between these two generations. The latest addition seems much more resistant to compressive forces, particularly horizontal. In his video, Jerry Rig Everything explains that this is the first time he has achieved this level of resistance on an iPad.

In the video above, the cockroach is subjected to forces far greater than what can be exerted on an iPad with “normal” use. Despite everything, the tablet always returns to its initial form. You really have to bend it in an exaggerated way so that the movement remains in the shape of the tablet.

But once the tablet is slightly bent by heavy pressure, it still works. In his video Jerry explains that he was able to continue using it, both in terms of the screen (still as responsive) as the cameras which were also still perfectly usable. This was not at all the same result for an iPad Pro M2 which retained the after-effects of these pressures.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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