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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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They access data from clients and employees of Banco Santander

The bank Santander ha notified to the authorities who have been victims of a computer attack in which information has been obtained unauthorized access to company databasesleaving exposed data of employees and clients of the entity both in Spain, Uruguay and Chile.

According to Santander, the data to which the attackers have had access They do not include passwords or operations of customers, so it is not a gap that will directly affect users’ accounts or their savings. They have not recommended changing credentials or access data either.

Geeknetic Access data from clients and employees of Banco Santander 1

At the moment, the entity assures that it is carrying out an investigation and has already blocked external access to the hosted data. Affected customers, however, are being notified along with employees whose data has also been leaked. At the moment, no details have been released about the origin of the attack or what vulnerability cybercriminals have used.

The CNMV has already been notified as required by law of unauthorized access to the data of a banking entity, and they have published the statement. Naturally, the security forces have also been notified.

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