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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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This cheap gaming laptop will break the market

Depending on the space we have available on our desk, if we want to enjoy our favorite video games, a tower and a monitor is not always an option, since they take up much more space than a simple gaming laptop. The problem is that gaming laptops cost an arm and a leg, much more than any gaming PC, a price problem that Xiaomi wants to put an end to.

If you know the Xiaomi brand, you surely not only know the wide range of mobile phones, smart watches, smart televisions, vacuum cleaners and more that it offers on the market. To the wide range of products it offers us, we have to add a new gaming laptop named Redmi G Pro 2024, a laptop with which this manufacturer wants change the rules forever.

Xiaomi Redmi G Pro 2024

According to different Chinese media, Xiaomi plans to officially present the Redmi G Pro 2024 on March 4, a laptop with which this manufacturer wants to become a reference in next-generation gaming laptops. Xiaomi wants to transfer its research and development work to computer equipment, although, unlike mobile phones, where innovation is more limited, they want to focus on offering maximum power at the lowest price, with the Redmi G Pro 2024 being a clear example.

While waiting for the announcement of this Xiaomi gaming laptop to be celebrated, what does seem to be clear is that the processor will be found inside. Intel Core i9 14900 HX along with the graph NVIDIA RTX 4060 and all this with a TDP of 210W thanks to Xiaomi’s Rare Engine technology, challenging the performance ceiling of laptops designed for gaming.

Xiaomi Redmi G Pro 2024

This equipment uses a system of dissipation with liquid gold with a thermal conductivity 2.5 times higher than traditional systems. Regarding the screen, we do not know if it is an LCD or OLED panel, although the latter is unlikely since the price of these panels is still very expensive and given the launch price, we highly doubt that it would have been profitable to use.

From what we see, Xiaomi has everything thought out and has not limited itself to putting the best processor and graphics of the moment in a case. This is the result of the merger of the mobile and computing departments that Xiaomi made last year, this being one of the most striking products it has launched on the market along with the range of ultra-thin laptops with more than 15 hours of battery life.

Price and availability

This equipment, which, for the basic version, of which we do not know the specific specifications, will start at 10,000 yuan, about 1,280 euros at the exchange rate. This is the selling price in China, a price that will increase slightly if it finally leaves China and reaches other countries.

Next March 4, Xiaomi will present this new gaming laptop and we will know all the features it offers us along with the possible availability in the old continent. Yes, between customs and taxes it arrives for about 1,600 euros, you can eat the market of gaming laptops quickly.




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