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Friday, April 12, 2024
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this is what it will be used for

Microsoft is all about generative artificial intelligence, and while it has already integrated its Copilot assistant into Bing, Windows, LinkedIn and other services, we learn via an article from The Verge that the Redmond firm is also working on a chatbot dedicated to its Xbox gaming platform. Citing sources close to the matter, the American media explains that this new artificial intelligence is connected to Xbox technical support documents and can answer users’ questions.

Furthermore, the existence of this new product under development has been confirmed by Microsoft. “We are testing an Xbox Virtual Support Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character capable of answering questions about Xbox Support topics with voice or text”said Haiyan Zhang, general manager of gaming AI at Xbox, in a statement to The Verge. “The prototype makes it easier and faster for players to get help on support topics using natural language, taking information from existing Xbox support pages.”

The media’s sources would have explained that the Xbox virtual agent could, for example, answer the user’s questions regarding damaged hardware, or even regarding problems with paid subscriptions.

AI everywhere in Xbox

In any case, like many other Microsoft products and services, Xbox will be boosted with artificial intelligence. Indeed, the development of the virtual agent would be part of a broader effort which aims to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to Microsoft’s gaming platform. For developers, the firm would work, for example, on new technologies, based on generative AI, which would make it possible to generate video game elements. Microsoft would also like to offer AI that would help developers test their products. In addition, the Redmond firm would like to rely on its Copilot assistant (based on OpenAI technologies) to facilitate moderation on Xbox. Later, the AI ​​could also serve as an assistant to players during their games.

Regarding Xbox’s virtual agent for technical support, it could also serve as a showcase for Microsoft. Indeed, the automation of customer support tasks is one of the products that the company offers to organizations on its Azure cloud platform. Through its Azure AI Bot Service product, Microsoft offers a tool that allows organizations to develop support chatbots. Azure AI Bot Service is already used by PwC and Vodafone.

  • Microsoft confirms the existence of a chatbot project for its Xbox platform
  • Currently in the testing phase, this AI will answer user questions related to technical support, drawing information from Xbox documents
  • The development of this chatbot would be part of a larger initiative that aims to integrate the benefits of AI on Xbox

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