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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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TikTok is banned by the French government in New Caledonia

The French department of New Caledonia is experiencing particularly violent riots. On-site clashes have already left 4 dead, including a member of the police. In recent hours, the government has notably declared a state of emergency on “the stone”.

In the same press release, the executive asks that “political dialogue” be resumed as quickly as possible between local authorities and separatists. As a reminder, New Caledonia is experiencing a moment in its history with a constitutional reform project, massively rejected by the separatists.

Banning TikTok, a solution to return to calm?

During an interministerial emergency cell, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced the various measures that will be put in place in the territory, thanks to the establishment of the state of emergency. Normally the executive does not have the necessary power to introduce such restrictions, but this exceptional device allows the law to be circumvented temporarily.

This is how a curfew will be established on the island. The archipelago will also see armed forces disembark at ports and airports. Measures which have until now been fairly standard and which have already been applied during other moments of high tension.

But what surprises this time is the request from Louis the Frank, high commissioner of the Republic on the archipelago. The latter announced the “ban” of TikTok on the island. A measure which was confirmed a few hours later by Gabriel Attal himself. This is the first time that the French government has censored a social network in this way to emerge from a political crisis.

TikTok has not yet made any publications following this announcement. It will be interesting to see in the coming days how this ban will technically be implemented. This Thursday morning, the ban appears to already be in effect in the archipelago, the social network is no longer accessible to New Caledonians.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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