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Upcoming next-gen Intel and Nvidia gaming laptops 2020 Leave a comment

As Nvidia announced its laptop RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super GPUs at the start of the month, revealing higher specs and updated Max-Q technology. That means not only are these new, more-powerful GPUs making their way into traditional gaming laptops, but also into a slimline ultrabook-esque aesthetic too. 

The super laptops we know are coming our way, details & specifications.

At the same time, Intel announced its new 10th Gen laptop processors. So there are plenty of new powerful gaming laptops on the way. Machines that pack Intel’s latest Comet Lake H-Series CPUs alongside Nvidia 20-Series Super GPUs. But which laptop manufacturer is making what, how much will they cost, and when can we expect them to appear? That’s exactly what we’ll outline here.

All of the Upcoming Latest Laptops Mentioned Below will be Available for purchase in Aliteq Shop very soon. | We’ll announce it when latest laptops are available, so stick with us & stay tuned.

We’ve concentrated on gaming laptops that pack the double whammy of the latest hardware from Intel and Nvidia only. There are plenty of other machines on the way that have one and not the other, but we’re gamers on the leading edge here, so we’re only interested in powerful new laptops with graphical grunt. We’re pretty hopeful you’ll soon find some of the entrants below on our best gaming laptop guide.

It’s worth pointing out that there are also new RTX 2060 gaming laptops hitting the virtual shelves around now too.

Below Are the list of Latest upcoming next-gen Intel and Nvidia gaming laptops in 2020 by Brand :

1. MSI Latest Gaming Laptops 2020 | Nepal

2. Gigabyte Aorus Latest Gaming Laptops 2020| Nepal

3. Razer Latest Gaming Laptops 2020 | Nepal

4. Lenovo Latest Gaming Laptops 2020 | Nepal

5. ACER Latest Gaming Laptops 2020 | Nepal

6. ASUS Latest Gaming Laptops 2020| Nepal

This is not the only new machine coming from these manufacturers, other laptops are on the line but hasn’t been officially revealed yet. So, we’ll be updating this list as and when more details appear.

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