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US Treasury products tokenized on Ethereum surpass $1 billion

Ethereum is currently the infrastructure for more than $1 billion in tokenized US Treasury products and holds nearly 71% of the sector’s market share.


BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL) accounts for the majority of this with over $473 million in tokenized US Treasury products as of March 20 and currently dominates nearly 33% of the market. Although there are only 13 shareholders, BUIDL is reserved for qualified institutional investors with a minimum investment requirement of $5 million.


Ondo’s Short-Term US Government Bond Fund is the third largest Ethereum-based tokenized US Treasury product initiative, recording $167 million. Furthermore, Ondo’s US Dollar Yield tokenization fund added $143 million to Ethereum’s dominance in the sector.

Additionally, other key tokenized U.S. Treasury Bill Token product initiatives include Superstate’s Short Duration US Government Securities Fund, Hashnote’s Short Duration Yield Coin, and Matrixdock’s Short-term Treasury Bill Token , showing tokenized volumes of $109 million, $62.5 million, and $39.6 million, respectively.

Ethereum’s closest competitors in the infrastructure category are Stellar and the $354.8 million tokenized RWA, with the majority coming from Franklin Templeton’s Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund which currently has a volume of over 350 million. million dollars. Furthermore, WisdomTree also added to the tokenized value on Stellar with the $5.5 million Government Money Market Digital Fund.

Notably, the value of tokenized US Treasury products has increased by 9.3% in the past 30 days and the number of holders has increased from 1,785 to 1,952 on May 28. The year-over-year growth is even More impressively, the number of holders skyrocketed by 334%.

Blocksquare tokenizes 100 million USD in RWA

Blocksquare announced it has reached a milestone of $100 million in tokenized real estate assets on the platform, coinciding with the launch of its DeFi Launchpad, Oceanpoint v0.5, aimed at empowering real estate tokenization stratups. movables.

Blocksquare’s tokenized assets include 118 businesses, including restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, apartments and parking lots across 21 countries. The company says its success is tied to its legal structure, which is recognized by notarizing tokenized real estate transactions at European land registries.

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