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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
HomeCryptoWatford FC offers 10% shares to fans through tokens

Watford FC offers 10% shares to fans through tokens

Watford FC, an English professional football club based in Hertfordshire, today has announced plans to offer a 10% cryptocurrency stake to its fans and investors through Republic, a digital assets company providing blockchain infrastructure and consulting services to developers. web3 developers and investors.

Although investing fans will not have voting rights, Watford will pay dividends to investors, something rarely seen in football clubs.

The club is valued at £175m and aims to raise £17.5m through the scheme. Once completed, it could be the largest digital share offering for a football club in England.

The latest move marks a shift from the traditional sponsorship methods typically adopted by UK football clubs. Historically, clubs such as Bolton Wanderers and Queens Park Rangers have sought financial support from fans through debt instruments. However, offering shares to fans is a practice that has become less common in the UK.


According to Cryptobriefing

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