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Wayra invests in nine Spanish startups with AI as its main bet

Wayra has invested in a total of nine Spanish startups, during last year. One of the characteristics that all of them have in common is that they are innovating in multiple sectors, especially in artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, the company maintained its commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting digital transformation in Spanish society, in a year where venture capital sector has suffered a reduction in investment.

Wayra’s investments include: bcaswhich offers students a close, flexible and democratic financing model as an innovative alternative to traditional banking; Depasify, an exclusive platform to unify all traditional finance and digital assets; and Uelz Paya platform that automates the management of recurring collections, adapting to the individual needs of each company.

With the aim of continuing to promote the digitalization of small and large companies, Wayra also committed to the sector last year B2B SaaS. One of the investments made was in Invopop, which helps global companies automate the issuance of electronic invoices through its API; Remuner, a sales commission management platform that, through AI, automates variable compensation plans to align the objectives and incentives of the company and employees; and Haddock, a platform that helps restaurants maximize their profitability by digitizing financial and operational management through AI, where the investment was renewed in 2023.

Another of the startups invested by Wayra, and which is expected to be key in the future of work, is Shakerswhich allows companies to connect with digital specialists to develop their technological projects in a more agile and secure way.

Insurtech was another of the strategic sectors

Through Iope Ventures, investment vehicle created by Wayra and Telefónica Seguros, invested in Bdeo, the AI ​​capable of detecting damage to vehicles at home and that significantly accelerates the resolution of claims and insurance underwriting.

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Wayra also wanted to bet on the mobility sector by investing in Caflera platform that facilitates, with one click, any type of management for vehicle users, from maintenance services to insurance.

Andrés Saborido, global director of Wayra, states: “We are very proud of what we have achieved and the learning of all these years. We understood the importance of persevering looking at the long term and, above all, of taking advantage of moments of great technological disruption like the ones we are experiencing to continue growing. For this reason, in the last year we have strengthened our position in AI, one of the technologies that is most transforming the world and in which we have invested since our beginnings.”

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