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Friday, April 12, 2024
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We already know how much it will cost to update Windows 10, and you are not going to like it

In October 2025, Windows 10 reaches its end of life. This means that, as of that date, the system will no longer receive any type of support from Microsoft, and will become part of the history of operating systems, along with Windows XP and Windows 7. However, the The end of support will not be permanent, but this system will have, like its predecessors, a grace period of 3 years during which it will continue to receive critical security patches. Of course, for a price.

Known as Windows ESU (Extended Security Updates), Microsoft offers companies extended support for three more years, during which the system continues to receive updates, only critical and security updates. This system was introduced with Windows 7, and forces all those who want to continue using the system out of support to pay a subscription to receive these patches.

With Windows 7, the price to continue updating the system was $50 for the first year, $100 for the second year, and $200 for the third year of extended support. Windows 8 did not have ESU updates due to its practically zero market share. But, with Windows 10, this extra support is repeated.

Pay to upgrade Windows 10

Windows 10 is a system that, despite its days being numbered, is still installed on hundreds of millions of computers. This makes it such a popular system, both among users and companies, that it morally obliges Microsoft to continue updating it to give even more time to update to Windows 11. Of course, for a price.

The Windows ESU updates They are only available to businesses and organizations, so home users who continue to use this system at home will not be able to install them. At least, officially. And companies that want to continue using this OS will have three options:

  • Traditional activation. Upgrading a PC with Windows 10 costs $61 per year, a price that will double year after year. This means that the second year we will have to pay 122 dollars, while the third we will have to pay 244 dollars.
  • Windows 365. If we use this type of license, we do not have to worry, since ESU updates will be included from day one at no additional cost.
  • Cloud-managed systems, such as Microsoft Intune. They get a 25% discount for upgrades, leaving the first year at $45, and doubling year after year.

Either way, continue using Windows 10 for three years Extended support will cost us $427 ($315 with the discount) per team. A fairly high price that will make companies rethink many things.

And how do you use Windows 10 at home?

Microsoft has no plans to release its extended updates for Windows 10 outside of home and corporate environments. It is true that, as happened with Windows 7, there will be small tricks to install these patches at home, but, legally, there will be no way to do it.

If we want to continue using Windows without security problems, the only option left is to find a way to upgrade to Windows 11, either by modifying the requirements or purchasing a new computer. We can also choose to give Linux a chance to continue using the PC.

And, if we have no choice but to use Windows 10, then we can opt for a tool, called 0patch, that will allow us to mitigate possible vulnerabilities that appear for this system, even if it no longer has official support. Of course, we may have to pay a subscription ($25 a year) to use it.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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