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We were able to see the electric sedan and it does not leave us indifferent

While all the car manufacturers met at the Geneva Motor Show to present their future products, Xiaomi decided to do differently. To exhibit the SU7, its promising electric sedan, the Chinese brand chose MWC 2024 in Barcelona. And that’s good, we were there to ogle her from all angles.

xiaomi su7
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In recent years, several smartphone manufacturers have decided to enter a booming market: that of electric cars. For some, it even represents a sort of second chance like Huawei. As you probably know, the Shenzhen firm’s activities in the smartphone market were severely impacted by the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration a few years ago.

This is why the manufacturer decided to turn to automobiles. At the end of 2023, Huawei presented the Luxeed 7, a promising electric sedan. For its part, Apple is still working on its famous Apple Car which, according to the latest news, is not expected to arrive before 2030.

xiaomi SU7 MWCxiaomi SU7 MWC

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The SU7, Xiaomi’s vision of the electric car

As for Xiaomi, the Chinese company officially presented the SU7, its very first electric car, in December 2023. Just like Huawei, the ambitions with this sedan are substantial. It must be recognized that the brand has sought innovation at all costs, whether on the engine, the battery, assembly methods, autonomous driving and even on-board software.

Here is a quick reminder of the technical sheet:

  • HyperEngine V6 and V6S engines (21,000 rpm and 6.78 kW/kg of power)
  • Maximum speed of 210 km/h
  • CTB (Cell To Body) battery integrated into the bodywork of 101 kWh
  • 800 km of autonomy in Chinese CLTC cycle
  • 0 to 100 km/h in 5.28 seconds (for the SU7) and 2.78 seconds (for the SU7)
  • drag coefficient of 0.195
  • Maximum speed of 210 km/h (for the SU7) and 265 km/h (for the SU7 Max)
  • High performance brake system (33.3 meters to stop from 100 km/h)
  • Integration of Xiaomi Pilot, proprietary autonomous driving software
  • Integration of the HyperOS operating system for optimal connection with the brand’s smartphones
  • Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • Large 16-inch infotainment screen
  • 56-inch head-up display system
  • 2 additional screens installed on the rear seats

The Xiaomi SU7 puts on a show at MWC 2024

As you can see, the technical specifications of this SU7 are exciting. On the occasion of MWC 2024 which has just opened its doors in Barcelona, Xiaomi has decided to exhibit its electric sedan. Of course, we rushed to go and observe her from all angles.

xiaomi SU7 MWCxiaomi SU7 MWC

Enthroned in the center of the brand’s stand, the SU7 attracts all eyes with its dapper light blue dress. Under the living room lights, the “watture” shines brightly. On the gigantic chest before 105 literswe find the brand’s Mi logo while the resolutely sporty looking optics run over a large part of the side panels.

xiaomi SU7 MWCxiaomi SU7 MWC

Note that the manufacturer has chosen to present the SU7 Max, the high-end version of the sedan. The more observant among you will notice the absolutely staggering number of sensors installed on the car. Under the mirrors, on the front and rear side panels, without forgetting the imposing LiDAR on the upper part of the windshield, the sensors are everywhere. Something to bear witness to once again of the brand’s claims regarding autonomous driving.

xiaomi SU7 MWCxiaomi SU7 MWC

If the interior is not yet visible to visitors, we can nevertheless see the famous 16.1-inch central screen as well as the 7.1-inch rotating dashboard. As a reminder, Xiaomi plans to initially launch the SU7 on the Chinese market before possibly offering it in other territories such as Europe and the United States. One thing is certain for the moment, the design of the SU7 has something to appeal to many users, between elegance, sportiness and modernity.

xiaomi SU7 MWCxiaomi SU7 MWC




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