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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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What are the differences between Amazon Echo devices?

If you are thinking of buying a smart speaker with Alexa, the number of options available is very wide since you have up to 8 different options from which to choose. To make the decision much easier, at HardZone we have organized all Echo devices into two categories with and without a screen.

Amazon Echo devices without screen

Amazon’s range of Echo devices is currently made up of 4 models, 2 of them share the same design, and are focused on different uses. The entire Amazon Echo range includes a dedicated button for disable microphone whenever.

Echo Pop

The Echo Pop is the entry device to Amazon’s Echo range, a half-coconut-shaped device that includes Bluetooth connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi with which it connects to our home network. This model is available in 4 different colors: black, white, lavender and teal.

Echo Dot (5th generation)

The next model on the ladder is the Echo Dot, a device that also includes Bluetooth as well as a WiFi connection available in black, white and navy blue. The functions that this model offers us are the same that we can find in the Echo Pop but with lower power speakers.

Echo Dot with clock (5th generation)

The Echo Dot with clock is a variant of the Echo Dot that we have talked about on these lines, but with the particularity of including a clock in the mesh that covers the speaker. The other difference is the number of colors in which it is available, limited to white and blue-gray.

Echo Studio

As we can deduce from its name, the Echo Studio is the smart speaker more complete from Amazon. This device offers the best sound quality of all Echo models, including support for Dolby Atmos and spatial audio. Like all models in this range, there is Alexa inside. It is only available in anthracite and white.

Amazon Echo devices with screen

If we talk about Echo Show devices with a screen, we have to talk about 4 models, models that cover all the needs of users. All of these models include a cover that we can slide to cover the camera and a button to deactivate the microphone to protect our privacy.

Echo Show 5 (3rd generation)

The Echo Show 5 model is the entry device to the range of speakers with a screen. This model has a 5 inch touch screen with which we can interact with the device to play our favorite music or series and manage the smart devices in our home. It also includes a built-in camera for making video calls. It is available in anthracite, white and blue-gray.

Echo Show 8 (3rd generation)

If the 5 inches of the Echo Show 5 fall short, the next model by screen size is the Echo Show 8, a device that offers us the same functions as the Echo Show 5, but with an 8-inch high-resolution touch screen with cameras to make video calls and that we can easily cover. We can buy it in anthracite and white colors.

In addition to the Echo Show 8 3rd generation, Amazon continues to sell the Echo Show 8 2nd generation, although it is a matter of time before it disappears.

Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

The next model in the Echo Show range is the Echo Show 10. This device, with a touch screen of 10 inch HD, has a support that moves to follow our movements when we are making a video call so that we always appear in the center of the image. Like previous models, it also allows us to enjoy our favorite music and series.

Echo Show 15+

Here we are already talking about a gigantic screen attached to a speaker. This box-shaped device has a 15.6-inch screen with Alexa and Fire TV integrated, which gives us access to any streaming video platform: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and any other. It also includes a camera to make video calls and we can hang it on the wall both vertically and horizontally. We can manage all its operation through the included remote control.


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