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What if the future is a pink flip phone, Barbie edition?

Over the years, the HMD group has been responsible for reviving the Nokia brand through a range of more or less inspired smartphones. As part of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the company wanted to reveal its 2024 roadmap. This includes the launch of a range of HMD branded smartphones as a spin-off from Nokia and additional partnership bonuses. At least… the original best android smartphone

Following Nokia, HMD is also releasing a smartphone… Bobby!

In fact, 2023 was the year the Barbie event movie was released. The famous doll signed by Mattel had the rights to a whole new world of exhibitions… and HMD plans to capitalize on this. The Finnish company has actually partnered with Mattel to launch the smartphone.

Currently, this newly released handset goes by the (incorrect) name Flip Phone. So there is no question of delivering the next generation of smartphones as they will be feature phones.”old“, Barbie was given a makeover.

HMD Phone Barbie 2
© HMD / Mattel

Understand that the color of the phone is (necessarily) pink. “Promising style, nostalgia, digital detox, this retro flip phone. […] “It will be the hottest accessory this summer.” HMD promises. Scheduled for release this summer.

According to the company, flip phones are popular because they offer solutions such as:digital detox“We live in a world where almost four in ten (38%) young people aged 16 to 24 worry about spending too much time on their smartphones.


For Human Mobile Devices (HMD), 2024 is the year to make a mark in the challenging smartphone market. The group specifically said, “The return of iconic smartphones this summer“We plan to increase the number of partnerships in the same vein as the one we signed with Mattel.

Additionally, this summer HMD is expected to take a further step forward in terms of repairability, significantly reducing the number of steps required to repair a smartphone screen. “Say goodbye to broken screens and not being able to use your phone for a long time. Join the FIY (Fix it Yourself) movement.“HMD explains.

Now we will see if this new strategy will allow HMD to (re)carve its own place in the smartphone market.




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