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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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What will the workwear of the future look like with Gore-Tex and artificial intelligence?

In the world of work, clothing not only serves the function of protecting workers, but also reflects technological advancements and the changing needs of various occupations. american brand goretexhas been recognized for its great contributions in the field of technical and protective clothing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) On the design and conceptualization of future workwear

that much AI It fundamentally changes the way we visualize and create, allowing designers and professionals to explore previously unimaginable horizons without tedious physical prototypes. Reza Jamshidi Azad, Concept Designer at GORE, highlights the paradigm shift where AI becomes an essential tool for rapidly developing realistic visual concepts through generative design.

This collaborative process involves not only designers, but also protective clothing manufacturers, think tanks, universities and, crucially, end users. Interaction with the latter provides valuable insight into the actual needs and specific challenges faced in the field.

GORE-TEX envisioned four types of end users, each with unique protection and comfort requirements. These range from street operators who require intelligent comfort elements and protection from traffic hazards to high-voltage powerline technicians equipped with bionic technologies and augmented reality to facilitate their work. These archetypal garments take high-performance workers and workshop artisans into account, fusing resistance and functionality in a variety of styles, from casual sportswear to vintage, always with sustainability in mind. There is an image in the screenshot above.

One aspect Reza highlighted was the growing importance of design in workwear. that much AI This accelerates the creative process and at the same time enriches the aesthetics of the garment, ensuring workers are not only protected and comfortable, but also feel good about their appearance both at and outside of the workplace.

But the GORE-TEX vision is not limited to conceptualization. Although we are not a workwear manufacturer, our role as consultant and collaborator is essential to bringing these innovations to life, working with manufacturers to incorporate new technologies and styles inspired by material developments.


Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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