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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Who is the French’s favorite telephone operator?

Choosing a mobile operator is a subject that concerns us all, and which sometimes requires some thought. Several factors must be taken into account in this regard, because a subscription which perfectly suits one of our loved ones will not necessarily suit us. From one neighborhood to another, for example, the difference in network quality can be obvious between operators.

However, there is one who does not seem to experience this type of inconvenience, and manages to offer an impeccable network (or almost) continuously.

General satisfaction

The ranking comes to us from Arcep, which shares the results of its survey each year, carried out among SFR, Orange, Bouygues, and Free customers. The objective of the study is to determine to what extent they are satisfied or not with the service offered.

Customers have therefore awarded scores out of 10 to their operator, on several criteria, which are for example: the speed of commissioning, the stability, the quality, as well as the reliability of the network, or even the management of breakdowns.

Generally speaking, it is Orange and Free which come first, with a score of 8/10followed by Bouygues (7.7/10)Then SFR (7.4/10). Looking more closely at the notes, however, we notice thatOrange satisfies more users, with more customers giving it a rating of 9/10 or + (44%). At Free, this figure drops to 40%.

Arcep 2024 mobile survey

© Arcep

Concerning the share of bad grades, Free And Orange have the least and are tied with 8% who attribute to them a rating between 0 and 5/10. To compare, the dissatisfaction rate is much higher at SFR and Bouygues.

We also note that Free’s ratings are missing one percent, and on the contrary, Bouygues has one percent more. The Arcep graph concerning general customer satisfaction is at first glance not 100% balanced for the four operators.

Details of notes for mobiles

According to the report: “ This year again, Orange stands out on the different satisfaction dimensions while SFR is less well evaluated.” As per usual, Orange is in the leadthe numbers don’t lie:

Arcep 2024 mobile detailsArcep 2024 mobile details

© Arcep

On the fiber side, what does that look like?

For fiber and internet boxes, Orange and Free are still ahead in the general ranking:

ISP arcep survey 2024ISP arcep survey 2024

© Arcep

Regarding the details of the notes, the gap widens further between the first two and the others:

Arcep 2024 box detailsArcep 2024 box details

© Arcep

Although Free is not yet up to Orange, particularly on the mobile network, its increasing customer satisfaction rate of its customers over the years is impressive.

When we presented you with the results of the Arcep surveys in 2018, Free was lagging behind, and did not worry Orange. From now on, Orange is afraid for its position as leader, and is going so far as to take Free Mobile to court for not much.

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