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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Why Citroën Ami’s new rival has no chance of breaking through

Two years after its launch, Microlino used the Geneva Motor Show to formalize the new version. The latter, called Lite, is now accessible from age 14 instead of age 16. In theory it could compete with the Citroen Army, but it nonetheless comes at a very steep price.

Over the years, the small unlicensed car market has been growing at a tremendous pace, and some experts believe that their golden age is only just beginning as the sector becomes more important.

new version

We can’t help but think of the Citroën Ami, which clearly remains a must-have model for this market. with Over 30,000 registrations Since its launch in 2020, the electric city car has been a huge success and the buggy version has also won the hearts of all customers. However, the latter is no longer alone in the market, as many competitors are also emerging. This is the case, for example, with the compact Microlino, launched in 2022.

We were able to test this very adorable little car. Driving without a license from age 16. But the Swiss manufacturer wanted to go a little further. This is how he logically took advantage of the Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors to the general public today, to formalize the launch of a new version of the car. This now has the following name: microlino light, One point in particular distinguishes them.

Microlino // Source: Micro

In fact, it may be the case now. Driving from age 14Same as its rival Citroën Ami. on his websiteThe company provides a few details about this new version, which is now part of: Categories of light quadrilaterals, which corresponds to class L6e and is no longer L7e like the standard version. This means that power and maximum speed are slightly lowered to comply with regulations.

This new version looks like this: Just 9 kW of power, which corresponds to approximately 12.2 horsepower. But that’s not all. This is because speed is also limited to 45 km/h. This means that small electric cars will be limited purely to urban travel. Microlino also states on their site that this version is navigable. Up to 177km on a single charge. The entry-level variant is happy with 93km.

steep price

For reference, this is WMTC Cycle (World Motorcycle Test Cycle) This is a consideration here and not in WLTP for classic cars. Microlino inherits the same battery as the standard version, which uses NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) technology. The latter is slightly more expensive than LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) chemistry, but offers the following benefits: greater energy density. This means you can store more power with the same size.

This will limit the weight and consumption of your car. The storage battery of an urban electric vehicle is shown. Capacity of 5.5 or 10.5 kWh, in the latter case an additional cost of 2,000 euros will be incurred. Naturally, Microlino is not compatible with fast DC charging. You should be satisfied with the maximum AC power of 2.6kW and charging time of about 3 hours.

Microlino // Credit: Marie Lizak from Frandroid

Styling-wise, there are no changes to the design of the electric city car, but it does get two new colors. Light blue is supplied as standard. Charcoal gray is also available as an option. We still have to wait a bit to see if there have been any changes to the equipment compared to the standard version. However, while the latter is already quite spartan equipped, it still offers a small touchscreen without Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What about the price? If the manufacturer does not provide details on the site, journalists will L’Argus We were successful in obtaining and presenting information. Ticket for 17,990 euros, only 7,990 euros for the Citroën Ami and 9,890 euros for the Fiat Topolino. To justify this price, the brand relies specifically on steel and aluminum bodywork. You never know if your customers will be there yet!


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