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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Why UFC-Que Choisir addresses the issue of anti-ad subscriptions

UFC-Que Choisir announced that it has filed a complaint with the CNIL against Meta for violating the GDPR. The problem is Meta’s restriction of charging Instagram and Facebook users a subscription fee if they want to opt out of the processing of their personal data.

What happens if Meta is not GDPR compliant on Facebook and Instagram? In any case, this is something that the consumer protection association UFC-Que Choisir wants to condemn in court. She filed a complaint against Mark Zuckerberg’s company, as announced on February 29th. statement. The problem is the paid subscriptions Meta offers on both social networks.

Consumer associations are stepping up

actually yesJoint action with seven other European associations, all members of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC). It is a federation of associations that carry out activities. lobby With the institutions of the European Union. UFC-Que Choisir’s complaint has been filed with the CNIL.

Meta displays a warning message stating that you must pay 12.99 euros per month to no longer display ads on the Facebook and Instagram mobile applications. // Source: Frandroid screen capture

This is about a GDPR violation on Meta’s part. With the General Data Protection Regulation officially coming into effect, companies will now be required to ask for your consent to process your personal data. Last November, Meta launched subscriptions for European users.

For 9.99 euros per month, you can prevent the misuse of your personal data collected by Facebook and Instagram, as well as the display of advertising. This means you have to pay to prevent your data from being used. If Meta does this, it is because its entire economic model is based on utilizing users’ personal data. This is where GDPR, and European law more generally, can be very dangerous for companies.

all “smoke screen» Set by Meta

It’s a caper from Meta that clearly doesn’t please European national data protection authorities because it doesn’t respect the philosophy of the GDPR. Some are looking into this to see if Meta has the right to do this.

For the BEUC Association, this is unacceptable. UFC-Que Choisir specifically wrote:

Consumers cannot evaluate the extent or consequences of any data processing carried out by Meta. This makes valid consent completely impossible, illusory and ineffective, regardless of the regulator’s decision regarding Meta’s right to demand payment.

The latter recalls that consent to the processing of personal data must:Enlightened and freely given.» But, according to her, this is not the case with Meta subscriptions.

Source: Unsplash

She also questions this subscription over the fact that just because Meta stops showing ads and utilizing your data doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop utilizing that data. In ~ Dedicated help page In this “recommend“, we can read it “Your information will not be used for advertising purposes during the subscription period.“.

This could mean that Meta continues to collect personal data for use even if the user stops paying.

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