Windranger Arcana and Immortal Treasure III arriving next weeks Leave a comment

The International 2020 prize pool has once again set a new record by exceeding last year’s amount, the Battle Pass is due to expire next month, and in a world without a coronavirus pandemic, the TI 10 grand finals should have crowned a champion last Sunday. However, this year’s Battle Pass content is not all released, which puts the community patience at test.

Windranger Arcana, which unlocks at level 575 in the TI 10 Battle Pass, and Immortal Treasure III are still to be released, although the BP is set to expire on the 19th of September. In a response to a community poll on Reddit asking which of the unreleased content the players would want to have first, a Valve developer shed light on the possible time frame of these two features’ arrival.

According to cameron_dev, the pandemic impacted the Battle Pass development process, but the developer team hopes to be able to release the last Arcana and Immortal Treasure III “within the next couple weeks.” The Windranger Arcana will be released first, Immortal Treasure III coming shortly after.

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