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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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With these 4 new features iOS 17.5 is a unique update of its kind

Apple just released iOS 17.5 earlier this week. If this update is one of the last significant changes for iOS 17 before the operating system hands over to its successor, it is not without interest. Indeed, Apple has introduced several interesting new features in this update, starting with downloading from the web.

The web, a new competitor to the App Store

With iOS 17.5. it will now be possible for developers (who meet the conditions dictated by Apple) to offer their application directly from a web page. For k users it will therefore be possible to bypass the App Store and download third-party services through their browser, as is already the case on Mac in particular.

An anti-tracking option

Another important new feature brought by Apple with iOS 17.5 is the arrival of a “cross-platform anti-tracking” option. In other words, Apple has been working in recent months with Google and other companies that make GPS trackers. These are used to track people without their knowledge. With this new option present in iOS 17.5 it will be possible to be alerted by the presence of a tracker in our immediate environment.

A “repair” mode

Apple also took advantage of the arrival of iOS 17.5 to introduce a new feature called “Repair State”. Until now it was necessary to deactivate the Find My application when an iPhone was sent for repair. This is no longer the case, Apple allowing with this new option to carry out repairs on the smartphone while the latter is still detectable.

If this option only allows you to solve a very specific problem, which does not concern everyone, it is nevertheless interesting to see Apple interested in the question of repairing iPhones. The easier Apple’s smartphones are to repair, the more interesting their purchase will be for our wallet and for the planet.

Integration of iPads and Apple Pencil Pro

Finally, Apple took advantage of the arrival of iO 17.5, released a few days after the release of new iPads, to update its iPhones accordingly. Thus the latest version of the iPhone operating system takes into account the specificities of the new iPad Air M2 and especially the iPad Pro M4. Apple has also worked to facilitate the integration of the Apple Pencil Pro within its ecosystem.

In addition to these new “visible” features, Apple has developed several fixes within iOS 17.5 to combat security vulnerabilities. According to initial analyses, the update would include no less than 15 different corrections. Apple also updated its Apple News+ app. Apple also corrected the problem around the Jerusalem emoji.

You can find the list of all the new features of iOS 17.5 in this article.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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