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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Official presentation of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and the entire 14 series live

The manufacturer has confirmed that this year the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is presented at the MWC in Barcelona, a phone that already arouses passion and no wonder because it is the most daring bet. Although this one will not arrive alone, everything indicates that we will also get to know the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Pro, two smartphones that were already shown in China, but that can now be purchased in Spain, we will see if there are surprises in the price and if Xiaomi reveals other products that are beyond our plans.

Xiaomi’s event with MovilZona

As we have done on other occasions, we do not want to miss even the smallest detail of what happens on the MWC stage, an event that becomes the best starting signal that the technology fair could offer us. So that you don’t miss any details either, we are going to show and tell you everything that Xiaomi shows us, explains and details. At 3:00 p.m. in Spain, we have the appointment, at which time a few lines below we will explain everything that happens, but we will also share the live streaming below so that you can see through the Xiaomi YouTube channel everything live, if you prefer it in the Xiaomi Facebook or your X account.

Furthermore, if you do not have the possibility of calmly watching the live broadcast and being aware of everything we tell you, you can learn Xiaomi’s news at MWC through our X account we will immediately show you the highlights in images and text, from the features to the sale price.

Under the hashtag #UnaLenteDeLeyenda, Xiaomi has been leaving us clues about the possibilities that the new Xiaomi 14 Ultra will offer us, which leads us to think that thanks to a collaboration with Leica, it wants to mark a photographic before and after, something in which who has become quite an expert. We will see what he is capable of, what other secrets his most important phones of 2024 hold, and above all, if they are as good as they say that we want to buy them.

15:01 – The Xiaomi presentation event at MWC 2024 in Barcelona begins!

15:02 – An introductory video presents the capabilities of the Leica and Xiaomi cameras and optics.

15:04 – William Lu, president of Xiaomi, welcomes everyone and talks about the role of innovation for the brand, being one of its most important principles. Xiaomi becomes the third brand globally after 14 consecutive quarters.

15:05 – Xiaomi is considered one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2024 and the second Chinese brand globally.

15:06 – By 2040, Xiaomi wants to achieve carbon neutrality and 100% use of renewable energy.

Xiaomi 14 event presentation

15:08 – Xiaomi presents for the first time in Spain Xiaomi HyperOS, the new universal software that seeks to centralize all its devices under the same ecosystem. In addition, mention is made of the Xiaomi SU7, the Chinese giant’s first electric car.

15:10 – A video shows how Xiaomi intends to connect user with their devices through Xiaomi HyperOS with an intelligent, versatile, and accessible ecosystem for anyone.

15:11 – Xiaomi HyperOS is based on 5 keys: optimize performance, offer a better connection, have a neuralgic network, improve security, and promote shared development.

15:13 – Xiaomi HyperOS greatly improves performance when executing processes, transferring files, and reducing latency… The design is another section that has been rebuilt, giving an appearance that consists of unity and comfort.

Xiaomi 14 event presentation

15:15 – Screen elements are now more realistic, refined and elegant with the aim of enjoying an attractive and pleasant experience for the user.

15:18 – Interconnectivity is one of the most important features of Xiaomi HyperOS. HyperConnect is an ecosystem that integrates different Xiaomi devices with Smart Hub. Proactive intelligence is the brand’s solution so that its entire catalog works in unison and behaves in specific ways. This is Xiaomi HyperMind. The headphones will automatically play the content you were playing on another device, for example.




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