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Monday, June 10, 2024
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zkSync announced a pre-game event starting tomorrow, stirring up speculation about the token airdrop

Layer 2 Ethereum network zkSync has announced the holding of a pre-game event, rumored to be related to the highly anticipated token airdrop.

Source: X

The announcement was made on the X platform, with zkSync encouraging users to enable notifications and follow the ZK Nation community account, which is dedicated to the development and protection of the zkSync protocol. The pre-game event will begin tomorrow, although specific details have yet to be revealed, leaving the community eagerly awaiting more information.

Excitement about the possibility of zkSync token airdrop is clearly present in the community. The airdrop, expected to be officially announced this month, will introduce tokens with a total supply of 21 billion. However, the choice of ticker symbol for the token has caused some controversy.

zkSync aims to use the ticker ‘ZK,’ but overlaps with the idea of ​​Polyhedra Network – which has used this ticker before. zkSync can continue to use the ZK ticker because Binance has not yet listed Polyhedra’s token.

Prominent figures in the ZK proof ecosystem, including Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali, Sandeep Nailwal, Brendan Farmer and Eli Ben-Sasson, have criticized zkSync’s attempt to use the ZK ticker. After extensive discussions, Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, has decided to withdraw all trademark applications for the term ‘ZK.’

In parallel, zkSync recently completed the v24 upgrade of zkSync Era software on mainnet. This latest release introduces a number of enhancements that enhance the security and functionality of Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution.


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