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ZTE’s news at MWC 2024

The Nubia family of smartphones lands squarely with a very wide range of devices, from ZTE’s first foldable to a budget phone, including a photographic flagship. A commitment to the European market that remains to be seen how it develops, but their cell phones point ways given its characteristics, which you can see below.

The 5 ZTE phones and their Nubia Series

ZTE wants to satisfy the needs of any type of user and that is why these 6 smartphones cover all price ranges completely. This way, everyone can choose a phone from the Nubian Series without mistake, a line of mobile phones made up of the following models:

nubia Flip: ZTE’s first foldable

ZTE wanted to surprise users with its first folding phone and its original design compared to what we had been seeing previously. The nubia Flip 5G has a flexible and wrinkle-free internal screen, with dimensions of 6.9 inches and 120 Hz of refresh rate for a clear and fluid image; while on the outside it includes a original screen in circular format from which you can quickly interact with the apps without opening the foldable.

ZTE Nubia Flip 5G foldable

It equips a 50 MP dual camera system on the rear with the possibility of previewing the results on the screens and unique imaging functions. The one in charge of providing performance to the ZTE nubia Flip 5G is a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip, which is accompanied by a large 4,310 mAh battery, a figure above the usual for a folding. It is the cheapest foldable of all with a price of only 599 euros when you arrive in Spainwhich will allow everyone to try one of these phones.

nubia Z60 Ultra: photography at its highest level

King of ZTE’s next-generation nubia range of smartphones is the nubia Z60 Ultra. A phone with brutal photographic capacity and a groundbreaking design with today’s classic appearances. It incorporates a Neovision photography system with which high definition images are guaranteed with any of the three cameras that this mobile has. In addition, the help of optical stabilization, focal length disparity and image processing ensure impressive photos.

ZTE Nubia Z60 Ultra

It is a flagship thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor that hides inside, the one that gives the best performance on Android. This nubia Z60 Ultra from ZTE is one of the phones with the best battery at the moment given its capacity 6,000 mAh, a quality that complements the IP 68 resistance for an excellent experience at all times. It can be purchased from 829 euros in its standard configuration of 12 and 256 GB.

nubia Focus 5G and Nubia Focus Pro 5G: ZTE’s quality-price mobiles

A much cheaper alternative among those that ZTE has announced is the nubia Focus 5G and its impressive 108 MP camera. Although they have also made official a Pro version of the same model that comes with 5 focal lengths instead of 4 as the standard version, while otherwise identical. Both make use of the nubia Z60 Ultra’s Neovision photographic system and a long list of interesting functions: super night RAW mode, HDR RAW, 4K video…

ZTE nubia Focus Pro 5G

The nubia Focus 5G and nubia Focus Pro 5G have a 6.6 and 6.72 inch screen respectively, as well as a refresh rate of 120 Hz in both cases. They also incorporate a 5,000 mAh battery for long autonomy and boast 5G for effective connectivity as well as performance on par with an octa-core processor.

nubia Neo 2 5G: the economical gaming mobile

Those looking for a gaming experience at a competitive price They have the answer in the nubia Neo 2 5G. ZTE has equipped this mobile with some very interesting quality-price features with which to enjoy the best video games without having to spend so much. This model equips dual triggers to ensure greater comfort and speed when playing; In addition, the buttons can be customized with different functions depending on the game. This together with speakers compatible with DTS:X Ultra audio with which you will get an immersive experience.

ZTE nubia Neo 2 5G

It boasts an iconic design that simulates that of a bionic mecha and that is striking and different at first glance. The screen has the ideal technology for a clear, bright and fast image with a size of 6.72 inches with a rate of 120 Hz. The best of all lies in its large 6,000 mAh battery for an almost infinite duration that is complemented by a 33W fast charge, while the Gaming Space game engine It has been updated to ensure powerful and convenient gaming features for the player.

nubia Music: a clear commitment to audio

This ZTE proposal is quite interesting, since they have designed the nubia Music under the premise of enjoy your songs to the fullest and favorite artists. For this it offers a volume that is 600% superior to the rest of the usual mobile phones. It integrates a set of large speakers while using high-quality audio algorithms powered by AI.

ZTE nubia Music

The peculiarity of nubia Music is that it has two headphone jacks and that two people can enjoy enveloping and immersive audio at the same time. This model also has a groundbreaking and very special design with an original rear part composed of various colors and a camera module accompanied by a large speaker shaped like a vinyl record.

nubia Pad 3D II: a 3D tablet from ZTE

This tablet model is one of the most innovative in recent times thanks to its AI engine that achieves an improved 3D image without the need to use glasses and in a super realistic way. The nubia Pad 3D II greatly improves the first generation model with higher resolution, more brightness, optimization, color accuracy… This along with the possibility of converting 2D content to 3D with just a touch on the screen.

The possibilities of this screen and AI go much further, but it is worth discovering its functionalities for yourself. The new ZTE tablet arrives with 5G connectivity, 12.1-inch screen and 2.5K resolution with 144 Hz, high-performance processor, large 10,000 mAh battery with 66W fast charging and the ability to make video calls as it cannot be missing with its dual 8 MP high definition front camera.




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