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loses 45% quota in 2 years

There was a time when Intel It was the undisputed leader in terms of processors, not only for the desktop computers that normal people...

This country’s ‘anti-piracy shield’ blocks thousands of legitimate sites within hours

The anti-piracy system set up in this European country is supposed to prevent the illegal streaming of sports matches. Within hours, it made...

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Mobile Price in Nepal

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Mastering Creative Writing with ChatGPT and Google Bard

The world of creative writing has just undergone a revolutionary shift. With the introduction of advanced language models like ChatGPT and Google Bard, AI...

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Lockbit is not dead, the most famous hacker group is already preparing its return

After a spectacular intervention by law enforcement, the LockBit cybercriminal group rebounds with a renewed infrastructure, announcing increased targeted attacks, particularly against government institutions.LockBitconsidered...

With a capacity of 28,000 mAh, this smartphone promises tremendous autonomy.

Battery life is one of the most important criteria to consider when...

There are 3 days left until you run out of WhatsApp, if you have one of these phones

WhatsApp is about to stop working and disappear from many mobile phones on February 29. Although we believe that yours is not one...

another amazing metroidvania announced for PC

The metroidvania They are a genre that in recent years has been sweeping, especially when we look at the scene indie, where it seems...

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Is Prince of Persia a failure? Ubisoft has a plan to revive it

Prince of Persia the Lost Crown It hit stores last January and the truth is that this reincarnation of the mythical prince has...

loses 45% quota in 2 years