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Customer Satisfaction

At Aliteq, we will never give you the “hard sell”, or try to convince you to purchase something you don’t need. We value your patronage and always aim to provide a great shopping experience. You’re invited to call us, chat with us, or visit in person—we’re waiting to serve you. We’ll give you all the time you need to discuss your concerns and graciously welcome any request.

Experience Ultimate Online Consumer Electronics Shopping in Nepal

We provide a platform to all the top electronic, select your favorite and shop the best electronic items away including Samsung, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Dell, Canon, Nikon and many more.

We Hire True Know-How

We have photography, audio and video specialists as our salespeople. By hiring so many accomplished experts, we place years of industry experience and advice at your disposal.

In addition to their own experience, Aliteq associates spend more than 25% of their working time in equipment trainings. So, that we can give you the best advice for the equipments you want.

How it all started ?

It started 3 years back with a thought when me (Laxman) and Nabit were planning to buy a camera equipment.  Back then we didn’t had alot of money so we thought of buying equipment under our budget. But what really hit us was that we searched everywhere from Newroad (famous location for consumer electronics in Nepal) to Putalisadak in kathmandu and we found a vast difference in the price of same products. We then realized that there was no limitations for the profit margin that sellers were earning or charging us. We also couldn’t find enough information of the products that were interested at.

So we both got home and thought of eliminating such bad price graph in the market and here we are still trying to do our best to give the products at best prices and with enough information.