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Gamdias HELIOS E1-500 80 Plus Power Supply


  • Model: Gamdias Helios E1
  • Additional Connectors & Extra-Elongated Power Cables
  • Meet 80 % Efficiency
  • Support C6 / C7 power state
  • Built-in Auto-Optimization Fan
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Gamdias Helios E1-500 500W Power Supply

Extraordinary Efficiency

With less heat converted by the remaining power, HELIOS E1-500 delivers up to 80% energy efficiency. Accordingly, it won’t waste power and trigger excess heat. The less heat output generated, the less noise arises.

Chameleon-Like Extensive Reach

Coming in hot with its additional connectors and extra-elongated power cables, the HELIOS E1 – 500 is capable of accilmating itself into PC cases of various size without breaking a sweat!

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