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Graphics Card in Nepal: The best price of graphics cards in Nepal. Choose Your Video cards online from different Top-notch manufacturers like MSI, Asus, Galax, Zotac, Asrock, Igame, Gigabyte, Biostar, Inno3d, Gigabyte Aorus, and many more.

Best Graphics Card Price Nepal

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  • Galax Graphic Card price Nepal
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  • Gigabyte graphic card price Nepal
  • Zotac, Inno3d, PNY, Palit, Powercolor, etc.

How to choose a Graphics Card?

Next to the central processing unit (CPU), the graphics processing unit (GPU) has the most impact on a gaming PC’s performance. The GPU consists of an additional processor that takes data from the CPU, and translates it into images that can be rendered on your display. In other words, when you’re playing a game, the GPU is doing most of the heavy lifting.

There is a wide selection of GPU options available from a variety of manufacturers, and it might not be immediately clear which best fits your needs. Knowing the basics of how they operate and the differences between them can help make that decision easier.

Nvidia vs. AMD Graphic Card Price Nepal

When you’re shopping for a GPU, you’re choosing between graphics cards that include all the components necessary to render an image to your display. These cards include cooling solutions, necessary connections, and most importantly, the graphics processor itself. This processor is an incredibly complex chip developed with decades of research and experimentation. Because the barrier for entry to create these processors is so high, it’s likely that any GPU you buy will have come from one of two companies: Nvidia or AMD.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, RTX 3080Ti, RTX 3060 ti, gtx 1650, rtx 2060, rtx 2060 super

AMD Radeon Rx 580 8gb, rx 5700xt, rx 6700xt, rx 6900xt, rx 6600xt

Video Cards Price in Nepal

*Every Graphics card comes with a Minimum 1 Year warranty.

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