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Build your own gaming pc  Select your favorite pc games, choose your CPU, adjust your budget, and build your dream PC. Aliteq’s PC Builder has everything you need to build your own high-performance computer with confidence. It’s a fun and easy way to begin. Custom PC build Nepal. PC builds.

Gaming PC Price in Nepal

A custom-built PC is a computer that’s built and customized to meet specific consumer needs. People build computers for gaming, video and photo editing, animation, web browsing, and productivity needs.

Different parts of the computer are prioritized based on the functions required by the builder. Individual components, like the graphics card, CPU, case, and motherboard, are usually purchased separately to find the best prices and save money on the completed system.

NOTE: If you don’t find the specs you’re looking for, contact us & we will recommend a gaming build for you—contact via Facebook, Instagram, and Viber (+977-9868834716).

Build Your Custom PC

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