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Dell is an American electronics manufacturer, popular for manufacturing computer parts and peripherals across different price ranges. The Dell computer monitors offer superior display quality for an enhanced watching experience.

Here is the price list of 12 Dell computer monitors (other models will soon arrive) available online, which are not only reliable but also provide maximum durability and the latest prices were last updated as of 2021.

Dell Monitors for Business

Dell Monitors for Gaming

Dell Monitors for Professionals

You get the opportunity to choose between the monitors having the display size ranging from 17.5-inch to 54.6-inch as per your requirements. Most of the Dell computer monitors are LED type and offer a Full-HD resolution.

Moreover, you also have the convenience to own a 3D display monitor as well. The refresh rate of most of these computer monitors is 60Hz, which results in a lag-free sequence during gaming.

Best Dell Monitors Model  Price in Nepal
Dell SE2219HXRs. 18,905
Dell P2219HRs. 24,700
Dell S2419HRs. 29,355
Dell SE2719HRs. 31,600
Dell U2412MRs. 32,200
Dell P2719HRs. 36,800
Dell U2419HRs. 40,700
Dell P2418HZMRs. 41,040
Dell P2419HCRs. 43,600
Dell P2418HTRs. 52,700
Dell U2419HCRs. 52,700
Dell S2719DGFRs. 84,300
Every Monitor mentioned above is available in the Aliteq Online store for Purchase.

Dell Official Website: for technical supports and more information on monitors

This list will be updated when more information & updates become available to us.

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