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Sony Drops the Mic with New PlayStation 5 Mini

Sony has just pulled the curtain back on its Sony PlayStation 5 2023 models, and the gaming community is buzzing with excitement. But what exactly has changed in these new versions? Let’s delve into the details.

Design Overhaul

One of the most striking changes in the Sony PlayStation 5 2023 models is the design. Sony has managed to reduce the volume by a staggering 30% and the weight by 18% to 24%, depending on the model. This is a significant change, especially for those who found the original PS5 a bit too bulky.

Removable Panels and Color Options

Sony has also revamped the removable panels, now offering four parts instead of two. The upper halves feature a glossy finish, while the lower halves are matte. As for color options, Sony continues to offer the console in white, with other colors available as separate purchases.


What are the new features of the Sony PlayStation 5 2023 models?

The new models feature a reduced size, weight, and revamped removable panels. They also come with a new Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.

How do the dimensions of the 2023 models compare to previous PlayStation 5 models?

The new models are smaller in every dimension. For a detailed comparison, please refer to the table below.

What changes have been made to the removable panels of the PlayStation 5?

The removable panels now come in four parts, with the upper halves having a glossy finish and the lower halves matte.

Can you buy the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive separately for the new PlayStation 5?

Yes, the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive is now sold separately for $80 and is compatible only with the new models.

What is the storage capacity of the Sony PlayStation 5 2023 models?

The new PS5 models come with a full 1 terabyte of storage, up from 825GB in the previous model.

Pricing and Availability

The standard PlayStation 5 model retains its $500 price tag, while the Digital Edition now costs $450, up by $50. These new models will be available in the U.S. starting in November and globally in the months to follow.

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The Sony PlayStation 5 2023 models bring a host of changes, from design to storage. Whether you’re a new buyer or considering an upgrade, these new models offer something for everyone.



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